DIY Night: 5 Minute Ideas

Summer is all about fresh and simple! Walk your way through five stations for a taste of the season’s most popular food and flower ideas – created in 5 minutes! Move through the Tempietto at your own pace with a complimentary glass of wine (or beer…or soda), while we demo seasonal tabletop designs, playful cube-in-cube […]

The Terrarium: A Miniature Greenhouse

The idea of the terrarium is actually genius when you consider the concept behind the design.   A glass (or transparent plastic) container in which plants flourish with restricted or nonexistent air from the outside. The transparent container maintains air that is moister than the room atmosphere, eliminating the issue of draughts. Thanks to the terrarium, […]

Your Eco-Friendly Dinner Table

Millions of people around the country are discovering ways to make their homes “eco-friendly”.  Whether it’s the use of solar panels to transform light into electricity, or eliminating harsh chemicals in the air with natural cleaning products, the race to save our environment is on! So, what about your home décor?  The idea of eco-friendly […]

DIY Flower Arrangements with Asparagus

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I have always been a devoted fan of the traditional glass vase – simple and elegant.  However, after sitting through a demo with Kate, I became deeply intrigued by the idea of using fresh produce as a decorative display for my arrangements (Finally a good use for an otherwise repulsive […]


with candles?! As the Home Design Manager, I know the ins and outs of this store better than anyone (except maybe the owner, Kate).  Hundreds of products enter our store each season, but one has particularly caught my attention this year.  A spectacular decoration invented by the crew at Disney. The Luminara Candle Collection. Battery-operated […]


The holiday season is well underway and nobody knows holiday decorating like the designers at Twigs, who have already been busy creating stunning displays that will leave you in awe and amazement.  Take a step into the store and you’re immediately surrounded by all things Christmas! As the dominate color palette for the holidays, it […]