Botanical Charm



It’s no secret that succulents are currently one of the hottest trends in landscaping and interior design.  Their earthy appeal offers a natural look to any container while adding color and texture to indoor environments.  Traditional favorites include jade plant, hens-and-chicks, aloe vera, ponytail palm, and the ever-popular orchid.

So why not grab a handful of containers and start a succulent garden in your home?  Well, that answer lies within the care and upkeep of plants necessary to keep them alive and healthy.  Not all of us were born with a particularly green thumb.  I, myself, am a particularly “forgetful gardener”.

To avoid the untimely death of plants that is sure to occur in my home, I have devoted my interior décor to artificial succulents.  That’s right.  ARTIFICIAL.  Here’s why…

  1. Zero-care Maintenance
    Artificial succulents and other plants/flowers require NO upkeep – although I do recommend dusting on a regular basis.  It is physically impossible to kill an in adamant object, so there is no need to fret over hydration or sunlight.
  2. The beauty of an artificial arrangement never fades.
    As noted above, it is impossible to kill an artificial succulent.  Therefore, the color, texture, and shape will last for years and years to come.
  3. Extremely Realistic
    Contrary to the popular belief that all artificial plants/flowers are cheaply produced mockups, there are businesses that supply carefully crafted and realistic faux plants (like Twigs*).  Take a look at the succulents used by the Twigs silk designers, and you will see how natural they can be…

IMG_5293  IMG_5635


If you’re considering incorporating the hottest trend in interior plantscaping into your home, try adding artificial arrangements to the mix.  And if you aren’t sure how to design your arrangement, just stop by Twigs.  Our designers are always up for a challenge.

Take a look at what our silk designers have been up to lately…


Please Note: I am in LOVE with artifical orchids!  Tip: Keep a real orchid around longer by replace the bloom with an artificial one.  GENIUS!


IMG_5370  IMG_5361  IMG_5367






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